Hi, thanks for considering me to either paint or draw a commission for you. I have done a number of commissions since I started out and always wanted it to be an easy and fluid process between me and you (the client).

To begin with, please have a read through the guidance below, it will begin to tell you how I go about starting a commission, what I will need from you and what you can or cannot expect from me. Once you have read this it will allow me to get you to the end with a piece of art work that you will be happy to own or give as a gift.

  • References. I usually only work from photographs that will be provided by you. The photographs need to be in a high resolution and clear e.g. not blurred, and will need to see the pictures before agreeing to a commission. I would consider a request to take the photographs on your behalf but this would incur a cost for my time, and travel expenses depending where you would want me to travel to. This extra cost would be clearly stated as part of the quote. 

  •  Why? It is important for me to have clear high resolution pictures so that I can get the detail into the art work and give you as the client the best result I can achieve. I will not accept blurred or poor references and may hold the right to refuse to continue should this become an issue.

  • Discussions. I will require you to have either a telephone, or online meeting with you once you have submitted the form below or you have made contact with me via any other means before I will agree to take on your commission.

  •  Why? This is vital to establish what you as the client wants to the point all expectations have been addressed so that there s no doubts as to how the commission will progress. This process is there to protect you as much as me the artist and should ensure that all parties are fully aware of what medium, size etc the art work should be.

  • Payment terms. I will require a non refundable deposit of 40% of the full cost of the artwork upfront before beginning the work. A final payment will be required upon completion of the art work and prior to the art work being released.

  •  Why? This is to protect my investment in materials and time. It helps focus potential clients that this is my living and is is not meant to be entered into lightly. I will send you an email outlining how we will proceed once we have initially agreed for the commission to proceed. This will list the total cost of the work, the deposit necessary to begin the commission, and when final payment is due.

  • Deadlines. We will agree upon a completion date for the work on the initial call, though the minimum time allocated will be three weeks, but will be greater for any revisions. You will get low resolution updates from me, ensuring the commission is on course and you are pleased with the progress. 

  • Why? Ensuring deadlines are met is an important issue especially if the art work is a birthday gift and gives both parties a framework to work to. The deadline will be agreed prior to the commission starting.

  • Framing. Framing is not a service that I offer for commissions.

  • Why? I feel that framing is very personal and I would suggest that the client approaches a good framers for specific advice once the art work has been completed.

  • Copyright. I will always own the copyright of the art work. This means I can put an image of the work on your website, and use it for portfolios, etc., unless we agree that I sign over the copyright to the client (there should not be any reason for this sort of agreement but a cost would be involved).

  • Why? Many clients will assume that since they are paying for the work, they own the rights to it, but this is not the case, so should a client want to adjust or reproduce the art work in the future, they would need to seek the artist's permission first.

Commission enquiry

Please choose the medium you want the art work to be in

Thank you, I will get back to you as soon as I can